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3 top reasons when I need to sell my house quickly

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“Need to sell my house quickly!”need-to-sell-my-house-Swindon

Despite an overall positive vibe in the property market about Help to Buy scheme which influenced house prices to start rising, many houses are still not selling and home owners are looking for options to sell my house quickly.  Why houses are not selling? There are a few common situations when a house won’t sell easily on open market where 3 top areas can be identified.

1. House needs a lot of work

First of all a home owner looking for an option to sell my house quickly is when a house needs a lot of work and the owner can’t afford time or money spent on the house. In this case a first time buyer probably won’t be interested in doing a refurbishment and therefore won’t be interested in this property. More to it, if a house is in a very bad state, then a house won’t be mortgagable by a bank. In this case the owner will look for an option to sell your house quickly for cash and will be prepared to take a reduction on the market price. There is another option possible to get a full market price and we can help you to achieve that.

 2. Sell your house in negative equity

Second main case when a home owner looking for an option to sell my house quickly  is when you need to sell your house in negative equity.  In this case the owner needs to sell a house for more than the market price to be able to cover the mortgage and possible loans on the house. Otherwise the owner might choose to pay a shortfall, but not many people want or able to do so. We can help and buy your house in negative equity to minimise the impact to you.

3. Struggle to pay mortgage, need to sell my house quickly

Global financial crisis influenced closure of many businesses and impacted lives of many people. With loss of jobs and utility and food prices rising, many home owners find themselves in a sad position when they can’t pay mortgage or debts. The arrears start growing and home owner decide to sell my house quickly to pay off the debts, but if a property don’t sell quick, then people just ran out of time and bank comes to repossess the house. If you or your friends get into this unfortunate situation and fear repossession, remember that there is a way out. We help people to sell their house with mortgage arrears and other debts,  we help to stop repossession and sell your house quickly and often start paying the mortgage while finding the best sutable solution.


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