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Can’t pay mortgage, need to sell your house quickly?

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Struggling to pay your mortgage and need to sell your house quickly?

If that’s the way you feel, you are not alone. Global Financial Crisis made a massive impact on our lives and economy: many people’s lives turned upside down, companies went into liquidations, banks are in financial trouble. Many families are facing difficult times trying to sustain their living despite the inflation and rising prices of fuel and food.  If people loose jobs then they are unable to support their basic family needs and unable to pay their mortgage.  Many home owners think about how to sell your house quickly o get out of this situation, but in many cases the house won’t sell or in negative equity or they might not be able to pay estate agent fees or solicitor costs. Many people don’t see a way out of this situation and are prepared to drop everything and walk away from their house and mortgage.

We can buy your house and pay your mortgage.

Stop. Don’t give up and don’t walk away from your mortgage. There is a better option available.  We can buy your house by using new flexible financial systems and get you out of financial difficulties. If you are struggling to pay your mortgage and you need to sell your house quickly, we can put a legal system in place which will allow us to pay your mortgage for you while completing the purchase.  We can take responsibility for your house payments, insurance and maintenance and sometimes additional debts, while you can make a next step in our life. We could also give you money to enable your move into a rented accommodation if needed. Wouldn’t this be a better way of solving the problem?

So, if you are thinking of how to sell your house quickly , get in touch and we will help you to find the answer.

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