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Emigrating, need to sell my house

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How Tina is getting ready to immigrate to New Zeland and cant sell her house for 2 years

Tina’s story

” I was preparing to immigrate to New Zealand to join my new parter and his family. I didn’t have to worry about where I was going to stay, however I had to sell my house before going, not only to raise the money, but also to have a peace of mind, as I would be miles away. I started to prepare in advance, so I put the house on the market long before I was planning to go. It stayed on the market for nearly 2 years, but the house wouldn’t sell!  I changed 4 different agents but they couldn’t help me to sell my house. I really didn’t want to rent my house while Im so far away, I just couldn’t affort letting it from another half of the world. Neither I was prepared to sell my home for a much lower price….. so I was getting more and more stressed.  That’s when I was advised by my friends to contact Dasha and with her help I managed to sell my house fast before I went to New Zealand. I also got the asking price for my house!”