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House won’t sell the traditional way?

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– Have you been trying to sell your house for a while but the house won’t sell despite you reducing the price?

– Have you been keeping your house tidy week after week in anticipation of that Right buyer?

– Have you been moving from one agent to another thinking that the current agent is not doing enough to sell your house?


These what some sellers say after they have been trying to sell their houses the traditional way:

– “House has been on the market for 2 years and haven’t been sold.”

– “I changed 3 Estate agents, but only had 7 viewings and house is still unsold. I don’t trust Estate Agents any more.”

– ” I had an offer on my house, but trusted estate agent advice to keep negotiating with the buyer and I lost the buyer!”

–  “I had to reduce the house price 4 times, but still havent’ sold the house. Can you help to sell my home?”

This might sound familiar to you and it’s not a surprise, as many people are in the same situation sttruggling to sell.  The housing market is stagnant while the prices keep falling. With banks not lending money, it’s much harder for people to move on and practically impossible for the first time buyers to get onto the property ladder.  The competition becomes overwelming – there are more sellers then buyers. it seems that the only way to sell your house is to reduce the price dramatically and sell to bargain hunters or to one of the cash companies who offers 70% to 80% value.   In the current market condition the traditional real estate system just doesn’t work any more.

If the old system doesn’t work, then how can I sell my house?

I can help you to find a solution by using new creative real estate technics, which enable people to sell their houses and move on with their lives.

I will consider any house in any financial situation: mortgage or no mortgage, negative equity, repossession or limited timelines….  we will work together to find the best solution and it’s possible to achieve 100% market value!

I will consider a house in any condition, so you don’t need to spend your money and time on improvements or decoratation.

If you need help selling your home, contact me via my “Sell my House” contact form on the right and I will help you to find a solution. This service is FREE.