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How to sell a house that won’t sell?

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How to sell a house that won’t sell?

– This is the question I hear every day from homeowners asking for help.

Do you feel exhausted from endless attempts to sell your house? Staying on the market for months, dealing with agents, keeping your house spotless, dropping the price, but the house wont’ sell?

After all the efforts you come back to the same dilemma: “how to sell a house that wont’ sell?

 You are not alone. Many homeowners feel just like that.

In the current market condition the traditional housing system just not effective enough. In other words it doesn’t work!  Yes, the houses are still selling, but the sales rate dropped dramatically and property experts don’t predict a quick recovery.

So, what are your options?  

Of course you can let your house out and often an estate agent would push you in this direction. It’s a good option if you can afford to hold on to your house until better time. However, the big question is when will the better time come? And secondly, letting out also brings a lot of worries and expenses. Many homeowners are not in a position to rent, they just need to sell the house and get rid of responsibilities.

What to do if you can’t or don’t want to rent?

How can you sell a house that won’t sell?

 Well, you still have 2 options :

  1. You can sell your house below market value, which means you can drop the house price by 25%-30% .  It might suit some homeowners, who wouldn’t mind to drop the price and partially loose equity out of the house, in other words their profit. But it wont’ suit everyone… What if you don’t have the flexibility to drop the price? what if your mortgage as high or near the value of the house? Or you have extra debts you need to pay after you sell the house?     
  2. There is still another option. This option is to take an opportunity of a new approach and sell your house by using new real estate technics. They are much more flexible, allowing selling houses practically in any situation, and also allowing you to get 100% market value for your house.  Don’t worry if you are not familiar with these technics, as I can help you to understand your options and find the right solution to your unique situation.

Which option would you choose? It will depend on your circumstances. What option suits you best? Would you rather drop the price or choose to take 100% market value?

I hope this will help you to answer your question :”How to sell a house that won’t sell?”

To your happiness