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Landlord selling investment house?

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 – Have you been a landlord for a while and you just want to sell the house?

– Have you got rid of tenants and you loosing money every day, as the house is empty?

– Have you tried to sell the traditional way, but the house won’t sell?

Im a landlord my self and I know how many responsibilities come with renting a house and how much work and expence the letting might be! Any house requires constant maintenance and a rental house requries double maintenace, as tenants don’t really care about your house. And what if  the house stays empty or tenants stop paying the rent or destroy the house? Landlord still has to pay the bills! And it takes months to evict the non paying tenants.

Once you decided to sell the house, you need to say “bye-bye” to your tenants and respectively your income and prepare house for sale, which means to do it up to a good standart to increase your chances of selling.  So, pouring more money in before you can see any profit. And of course in a current market conditions the big question is “How long it will take to sell your house if you are not prepared to drop the price significantly? ”

So, if you are ready to sell and you don’t want a hassle of renovation and dealing with estate agents, I can help. I can buy your house in any condition (you don’t need to do any repairs) and we can achieve a full market price.

If you need help selling your home, contact me via my “Sell my House” contact form on the right and I will help you to find a solution. This service is FREE.