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Need help selling my house

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need-help-selling-my-houseNeed help selling my house.

“Need help selling my house.”  I get emails and phone calls from homeowners who have been trying to sell their house for months and the house is still unsold. People choose the traditional route to sell their property, but the housing market has changed and traditional approach doesn’t always work. Property market has been very slow for a few years with house prices falling and banks lending very carefully. As a result property is not selling and usually it take a long time  and a good price reduction to sell your house.  Easy to say a price reduction! When it is about your own house which you have been investing into for a few years, you probably don’t want to reduce the price and loose the money, so many people come saying “I need help selling my house and getting full market price.” Is it possible? Yes, we can help you to achieve that.

Houses in negative equity.

Another common for our time problem is houses in negative equity. As a result of property prices going down, many houses and flats turned into negative equity, which makes it more difficult to sell the traditional way. If you owe on the mortgage more than the property is worth, then when you sell your house, the lender will expect you to pay the shortfall between the house value and the outstanding mortgage. Most homeowners just don’t have the money to pay the difference! If you are in a similar situation and you need to sell your house in negative equity, the good news is that there is a way out. There are new ways of selling property in negative equity and other financially difficulties, which we use to help people in a similar situation.

Looking for personal approach?

Also, many people come for a faster service and a more personal approach. They don’t like dealing with estate agents, keep maintaining and cleaning their property day after day, have endless viewings without offers, while they try to carry on living the normal live. Homeowners think I need help selling my house, but who will buy my house quick, so my family life doesn’t get disturbed? This is very understandable: our house is our sanctuary and we want to be left alone.

If you are feeling stuck and thinking I need help selling my house, so I can move on….  Get in touch, as we specialise in helping people buying and selling property in difficult situation.

“We believe there is a solution to any property problem and we will help you to find it.”

To your happiness.