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Need to sell my house for cash for the wedding

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Thinking to raise cash from the house sale?

There are different reasons why people need to raise cash, could be to buy a new car, to pay the debts off, to pay for education, to emmigrate to another country. James decided “I need to sell my house for cash to organise the wedding”. They have been waiting for the big day for a few year and with one issue or another, they had to delay the event due to the lack of money. With house prices going down for the last few years, James thought he couldn’t wait for the house prices to go up and decided to sell his investment house now to raise the cash for his wedding.

James decided “I need to sell my house for cash to organise the wedding”

James’s story:

“I bought my investment house a few years ago, expecting to make a good profit, but unfortunately  the house price dropped back to what I purchased it for. We have been thinking about our wedding plans, but due to financial reasons we kept delaying it, so finally me and my wife decided we need to sell my house for cash to organise the wedding. We put the house on the market with an estate agent,  spent a few months showing the house to potential buyers, dropped the price a couple of times, but didnt’ get anywhere.  We couldn’t drop the price any further, as the whole idea to sell was to get a reasonable lamp of cash.

When I got Dasha’s leaflet through my door, I was intrigued, as why would she buy my house for the price no one else offers?  I called her and explained that I need to sell my house for cash. We met for a chat. Her offer made sense to me, so we agreed there and then.

The whole sale took no more than 6 weeks, and we got what we wanted!

So, it’s great we met,  I don’t know what we would do otherwise. “