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Need to sell my house for cash

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I need to sell my house for cash

John contacted me about selling his house stressing ” I need to sell my house for cash quick.”

Every house owner and every house situation has its own story. Many home owners would rather wait until they can get a full market price, but quite often people can’t afford to wait.  John also wanted to sell his house for cash and was thinking who will buy my house quick.

 Why would you sell house quickly for cash

When we had a good chat, John told me about his situation, which explained his current decision. First of all John lost his job a few months ago and was struggling to find another one despite multiple attempts.  Secondly he didn’t live in the house for a while, as he was supporting his sick mum in a different town.  John couldn’t rent the house out either, as the house needed some work to be done to bring it to a letting condition and john didn’t have the money to invest. But at the same time he had to carry on paying the mortgage and bills, which was hard to sustain, so mortgage finally fell into arrears. John felt that the house really became a burden and he decided to sell.

How to sell your house for cash

John couldn’t afford to sell the traditional way as he was falling further into arrears and couldn’t wait any longer, so he just wanted to sell my house for cash quick.  While looking for companies who will buy my house quick, John explored an option of an Auction Sale, but soon realised that there was no guarantee of getting an expected cash amount plus there are additional costs involved and there is still some waiting time.

He finally decided to get in touch with a few companies who buys houses, that’s how we met.

If you are in a similar situation and thinking “I need to sell my house for cash”, don’t hesitate and get in touch.

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