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Need to sell my house. Need to move on.

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I need to sell my house. 

“I have been on the market for 2 years,

changed an estate agent, 

dropped the price a few times,

tired of keeping the house clean,

spend my Saturdays waiting for buyers…

and as a result the house is still unsold!

I  just need to sell my house and go!”

 This is just one of  many similar stories , which house owners experience right now.


 The property market is probably in it’s worst condition since a long time ago: the house prices keep falling, the interest rates start raising, the banks are not lending, new buyers are unable to get onto the property ladder and the houses are not selling. In this situation, home owners face a lot of questions and uncertainties and their life often comes to  a standstill, as they dealing with the house sale.


 People need to sell and move on.

However people still need to move on with their lives:  new jobs, new places, growing families, lost marriages, lost job and so on.

I met couples which are going through a divorce, but unable to separate, because they are unable to sell their house. I met families who need to move due to a job change, but they are forced to live separate as they cant’ sell the house.

Well, the traditional property system is not flexible enough to serve in this volatile environment. It works well when the market is going up with homeowners borrowing money from the bank and then re-mortgaging, but after banks collapsed and house prices plummeted, the system just doesn’t work.


Can you sell your house?

The answer is “Yes, you can still sell your house and move on with your life.” We all know that human nature focuses on finding problems and then solving them, so this is just another problem that can be solved. 

There are new creative systems developed which will allow you to sell your house in any situation. Contact me to discuss your options.  

To your happiness.