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Need to sell my house Swindon

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Selling your house could be difficult

“I need to sell my house Swindon” – told me Rob, who has been trying to sell his house for the last 2 years.

Rob went through a usual for this market chain of events: the house was valued at £245,000 by an estate agent 2 years ago, but for the first 3 months the house not only didn’t sell, but didn’t even get any viewings.  After a consultation with an estate agent, Rob decided to drop the price down to £235,000 and gave it another 3 months trial, which didn’t really bring any results either. The house had 4 viewings and no offers! After that, Rob decided that the first estate agent didn’t really do a good job, so after a little research he decided to change to another company. Since then Rob changed 2 more estate agents and the house price has been dropped another couple of times, reaching £195,000 , but the house is still unsold!

But I need to sell my house Swindon

Rob was really under pressure thinking I need to sell my house Swindon. The main reason for that was his relocation to another job, where he had to move to another area, but his family still lived in the family home. He was commuting for the last 1,5 years and this started to impact their family life. He felt like he had done everything possible, but there was no result and his family was very tired of the whole situation.

He couldn’t drop the house price any further, as his mortgage was just around  £190,000  and on top of that, they would need to cover estate agent fees, solicitor & moving costs. Rob was looking at all different options while wondering who will buy my house quick.

Can I sell my house quick?

When I told Rob and his wife that their situation can be solved fast and they didn’t have to pay estate agent fees and they could get more money for their house, they were very happy!  It meant they didn’t have to worry about the house sale any more and instead they could start looking forward to moving in together in the new place.

This situation is very common in the current housing market, when you need to sell your house Swindon, but there is only a small or no equity in the house or house is in negative equity  so people can’t drop the price any further and unable to sell.

However, if you decide i need to sell my house Swindon, there are new flexible systems available in the market, which allow you to sell your house in a similar situation. We specialise in this area.


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