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Need to sell your house quickly when separating

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Separating? Need to sell your house quickly?

I met a nice couple last week, who need to sell your house quickly due to a separation, so they could get enough cash to move on.  

They bought their house less than a couple years ago in a new development, planning to stay there for a while and they have already made some improvements. Unfortunately things didn’t go smoothly, so they are separating now and need to sell your house quickly.

Due to a stagnant market and falling house prices, the house dropped in price by about £10k in the last 2 years, which comes out straight from their initial cash deposit.  Considering they took the mortgage out only 2 years ago, there is still a mortgage redemption fee of £4,5k!  Big chunk, when you try to save every penny.  And on top they have to pay the estate agent fees.

After all the payments, they would be left with £5k cash, which would be enough to cover their legal fees and move to a rental property.  This would be the best case scenario if they manage to sell the house at the market price, which might mean to sit on the market for a while and wait for the right buyer. But of course they can’t wait for months, they feel the need to sell your house quickly and they are wondering who will buy my house quick.

You can sell quick and get more money

This is a very unfortunate and frustrating situation and people feel there is no way out…..

However, when it seems that you are completely stuck, there is actually a better option available. We can help people like this couple to minimise their loss by selling their house via more creative approach, so they can sell the house quickly and get more money!

If you need to sell your house quickly, we can help you as well.

To your happiness.