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Cant pay mortgage, need to sell my house

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How John and Mel cant afford to pay mortgage and credit cards and have to sell the house to get out of payment difficulties.

John and Mel story:

“We bought a one bedroom , rundown property and made it our building project, which seems a good idea after watching so many Building programs on TV. We spent a few years renovating our house, turning it into a 2 bed house with a modern-looking open space living area, new kitchen, new bathroom and an extra bedroom. We put a lot of time and effort into our house, but also we had to borrow more money to keep feeding the project. Our initial goal was to complete the renovation and sell the house, making enough money for us to move into a bigger place. With market going down we couldn’t sell our house for months, even after dropping the price significantly. The house just wouldn’t sell!  The situation was really getting tough, as we were struggling to pay our mortgage and other debts. We felt very dissappointed after putting so much into the house, we were unable to get the money out and got ourselves into the payment difficulties. We had a chat with Dasha and we were relieved to find out that the sale can be organised fast and our nightmare can be stopped: we don’t have to pay the mortgage and debts any more and we can make a fresh start.”