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Sell house to stop repossession Swindon

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Financial difficultiessell-house-to-stop-repossession-swindon

Despite a positive vibe about house prices rising in the last few weeks, housing market is still far away from recovery. With food prices soaring and utility bills rising, many people find themselves in financial difficulties where they struggle to pay their bills and mortgage. While mortgage arrears and debt are growing, home owners are approaching quick cash companies or use credit cards to survive during financially difficult period. This often gets them further into debt, when they are unable to pay a high interest loan or credit cards back. As the last resort, home owner would try to sell house to stop repossession Swindon or Bristol and to pay off the debts and loans. However quite often property might not sell as fast as expected or have a little equity or is in negative equity, in which case home owners are running out of time being unable to sell house to stop repossession Swindon or Birmingham.

Sell house to stop repossession Swindon

Land registery reported that overall repossession rate decreased between March 2012 and March 2013, with 1,448 repossessions in England and Wales during March 2013, which is still high. Houses are being repossessed every day across the UK: Swindon, Bristol, Birmingham. Why often people give up without seeking help or without exploring all the possible options? When people are in financial difficulties and in distress, they find it hard to keep fighting and often they just give up…. They feel that there is no escape, so they stop trying to sell house to stop repossession Swindon and prepared to walk away.  In many cases home owners don’t even contact their mortgage lender to try to solve the situation, but instead ignore all the letters from the bank, hiding head in the sand. To get out of this situation, you should be doing completely opposite!

You can sell house to stop repossession Swindon

You can sell house to stop repossession Swindon or anywhere in the UK.  How?

First of all – don’t give up and stay positive! There is a way out and people who can help. Learn more, get advice on repossession from Shelter.org.uk

Second – you need to start communicating with your mortgage lender. Find out exactly how bad the situation is. What are the arrears and time lines? How can they help you? ( If you don’t feel like contacting your lender, then we can do it for you)

Third – Look for different options available! If your house won’t sell via estate agents or there is little equity in the house or you need to sell house is in negative equity, then you need to find people who can help and who will buy your house quick to get you out of debt. ( At quickhousebuyers we can help you to explore your options).

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