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Can I sell my house in negative equity?

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My house in negative equity. Should I worry?My house in negative equity

Can I sell my house in negative equity? If you are not sure if you house in negative equity, then read How to find out if my house in negative equity? 

Are you concerned and don’t know what to do?

Do you need to sell your house quickly?

There is so much talk about negative equity and what a big problem it is at the moment, that sometimes homeowners get concerned for no reason.

How bad is it? Do you need to worry? Not really, if you don’t need to sell your house quickly.  All it means is that you owe on your house more than you can sell your house for on the market. So as long as you make monthly payments on your mortgage, you are absolutely fine and nothing going to change. If your family house is in negative equity but you are not planning to move for a while, then you have nothing to worry about. In the future house prices will go back up again and your house will come out of negative equity, especially if you have a repayment mortgage. With an interest only mortgage it will take you a bit longer to get out of negative equity, but as long as you can wait, there is no problem.

But I need to sell my house in negative equity!

However there are multiple situations in life a homeowners can’t wait and feel like I need to sell my house in negative equity now: relocating, separating, going abroad, losing jobs, tired of letting….

People in these situations are searching for an answer to: How can I sell my house in negative equity?  Who will buy my house quick? How can I sell my property quick?

So, what are the options?

First of all you can sell it the traditional way, through an estate agent, and cover the shortfall between the house price and the mortgage from your own pocket. That’s quite straightforward, but….. the only but is that not many people can afford that.  People were buying houses expecting house prices to go up, not down and they don’t have spare cash to pay for their underperformed investment. I have met homeowners whos houses were in negative equity from £5,000 to £35000 and some people are affected even more.  Where would you get this money from? So, the traditional sale might become too expensive and as a result impossible.

There is another option available and we can help here.  We specialise in buying houses in negative equity. We can help you to reduce or completely demolish your negative equity payment to give you flexibility and freedom to move on. We are interested in investing in  property long term and we can wait until your house will go back up in price.

So, if you are thinking I need to sell my house in negative equity, then don’t hesitate and get in touch.


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