"We believe there is a solution to any property problem"

Get 100% market price for your house or more

Do you want to get 100% market price for your house or more?

  • Have you rented a property for a while and tired of responsibilities and costs?
  • Has the house been on the market for a while but you don’t get any offers?
  • Have you been investing into your property for a years and you refuse to sell your house cheap?

We can help you to sell your house so you get more money out of your property. You still can have it as a pension or income plan with better return than you would get by selling it on the current market.

Housing market situation.

With property prices booming for a long time, many homeowners were investing into property as their pension plan or just for an extra passive income. Following the financial meltdown house prices dropped dramatically reducing potential earnings from properties and forcing people to sell houses at much lower prices. Many property investments turned into a burden especially if a property is in negative equity. Quite understandably after investing your time and money into property, people are resistant to give up their investments for much less return.

When would people like to sell for more than 100% over a period of time?

Homeowners who planned to have their rented houses as a pension plan now hesitating to sell for less money as their future depends on these properties.  Landlords who have been investing into property their time and money feel like they need a better return on their investment. People selling houses in negative equity, where a mortgage on a house is higher than a selling price, so people feel they can’t get out unless they pay the shortfall.

How to get 100% market price for your house?

We can help you to get 100% market price for your house or more if you are happy to receive the funds over a period of time. We will put a legal system in place which will allow us to look after your house and maintain it while you keep receiving the funds. If we decide your house is not for us, then we will find a responsible tenant buyer for your house, who will look after your house as their own while paying monthly instalments and preparing for re-financing. In both cases you won’t do any maintenance or pay any money for your house. All you are responsible for is receiving the funds. What is more important to you: To get a few lump sum payments or to get steady regular instalments? We will try to match your needs. We can also buy your house with no equity or in negative equity allowing you to walk away from the debt.

How you benefit

  • you can sell your house quickly
  • get 100% market price for your house or more
  • you don’t need to maintain or make any payments on the house
  • get a steady and regular income
  • you can move on with your life

If you want to get 100% market price for your house or more and you are happy to discuss some flexibility on timelines, than get in touch by filling the form or the right or contact me personally.

“We belive there is a solution to any property situation and we can help you to find it.”

To your happiness.