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Negative equity and financial difficulties

Are you experiencing financial difficulties?

  • Is your house got no equity or in negative equity and you don’t know how to sell unless you pay the shortfall, but you don’t have the money?
  • Have you lost your job and your debts are growing, but the house wont’ sell?
  • Have you been late paying your mortgage and arrears are building up and repossession around the corner?

If you experience similar financial difficulties, we can put a legal system in place where we will pay your debts and mortgage until the sale is complete.

Housing market situation.

Impacted by the Global Financial Crisis the life got pretty tough in the last few years with people losing their jobs , house prices falling dramatically and at the same time food and fuel prices rising, leaving people in a very difficult situation. Many homeowners are struggling to pay their debts and mortgages and support their lives, so they would be happy to sell their house as a last resort, however it might be not easy. The debt and the mortgage might be higher than the value of the house due to dropped house prices, so people get stuck and don’t know how to get out.

How do people get into financial difficulties and negative equity?

Some people could have got a second loan on the property to make improvements, expecting prices to go up, however now they need to sell their house and the outstanding debt on the house is higher than the house price. Similar situation with homeowners who bought their property on the peak of the market, so after the property prices fall, many house turned into negative equity.  Of course people who lost their jobs in a last few years and can’t afford to pay their mortgage and credit cards also experience financial difficulties and might need help.

How we can help to sell your house and get you out of debt.

We can put a legal system in place where we would look after your mortgage payments and possibly arrears or other debts, which would allow you to move forward and make a new start. This can be done quickly to accommodate your situation, especially when the debt is rising or in case of expected repossession. If the house is in negative equity we would usually agree a price of more than 100% of market value to make it easy for you to walk away while we will be looking after your mortgage payments. Why would we pay more than market value? Because we can buy your house and hold it for a while until the prices recover.

How would you benefit:

If you are experiencing financial difficulties or you are struggling to sell your house in negative equity, get in touch and we will help.

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