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Sell your house in negative equity today

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My house in negative equity Sell your house in negative equity

We are getting more and more accustomed to a term “my house in negative equity”, whereas a few years ago no one even thought about a possibility of this situation. With house prices soaring for a long time and house equity growing rapidly, it didn’t cross our minds that the house prices could drop below the mortgage level. Many homeowners bought their houses or borrowed extra money on their property just before the house prices collapsed in 2009, so now many houses are in negative equity or in other words the debt owed on the house is higher than the house can sell for. As a result people are struggling to sell your house in negative equity to be able to move on.

New problem vs old system

If you need to sell your house in negative equity, you are not alone. Many homeowners are struggling to sell their houses in negative equity via estate agents because they can’t afford to drop the price any further due to a high mortgage attached to the house. With a great choice of houses on the market, a buyer can pick and choose, and negotiate on the price, which is often impossible for a homeowner in negative equity. The only way out people can see is to pay off the shortfall between the house price and the mortgage once the house sale is complete. Many people are forced to spend their savings just to be able to sell your house in negative equity, but not everyone has got the money to pay off the difference.

How to sell your house in negative equity

Negative equity is a new situation to the property market and a new situation can’t be solved with old methods. New problem require a new approach!

“So, is there a new approach already available?“ – You would ask. And the answer is YES! You can sell your house in negative equity today and you can do sell your house quick by using a new approach.  Do you need to do anything? No!  all you need to do is to contact one of the companies who specialise in this. Quick House Buyers is one of them. We specialise in helping people to sell property  in negative equity, with mortgage arrears and other financial difficulties. We can help you like we helped Gary to sell his house in negative equity and many others in a similar situation. We can buy your house, so you can move on and take the next step towards your destination.

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