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Sell your house quickly Oxford or Swindon

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House as a pension plan?

Have you decided that you need to sell your house quickly Oxford or Swindon when originally you bought a house as and investment and your pension plan?

A few years back we all experienced a sharp increase of property prices, when homeowners made a substantial amount of money on rising house prices. At that point we just couldn’t expect how house prices could go down, as property seemed to be such a stable currency. Many people chose to invest in houses and flats instead of pension plans. That seemed such a great option to buy one or two houses and not only to get cashflow by letting it out, but wait for a few years and sell it for a good return. Pension guaranteed! However for many people these pension plans didn’t work out. Of course if you can wait, then the property prices should go up eventually, however if you need to get the money now, then you need to sell your house quickly Oxford, Swindon, Bristol.

 Need to sell your house quickly Oxford.

After the collapse of banks house prices went down and many houses were repossessed, but we couldn’t expect that the prices would be stagnant for such a long period of time. Many homeowners made a decision to hold on to their houses for a couple of years, expecting prices to go back up to recover the money. However, the housing market is still very slow and the prices are predicted to go down again during this year. Not an easy time for homeowners to watch how their money disappear, so it’s time to make the decision if you can wait for the prices to go up or do you need to sell your house quickly Oxford, Bristol, Swindon?

Need to sell your house in negative equity?

Many homeowners are in difficult situation, especially if they have an interest only mortgage. They have been paying interest on the mortgage for years, and if the prices went up, they could sell a house, get the equity (cash) out and enjoy the retirement. However, impacted by the price drop, many homeowners found that their house in negative equity unless they pay a shotfall to the bank. Many people ended up with houses where they owe on the mortgage as much as the house is worth or even more. They are unable to sell with an estate agent, because often they can’t pay the mortgage shortfall, so they are thinking who will buy my house quick if it’s in negative equity?

If you need to sell your house quickly Oxford, Swindon, Bristol, or if your house is in negative equity, get in touch!

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