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Sell your house Swindon, Bristol

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House prices – up or downsell-your-house-swindon

There are more positive news on the housing market then ever since the financial crisis began and property prices fell. Property news are reporting that the house prices started to go up after the introduction of the Help to Buy government scheme. Many economists and investors are predicting for prices to raise, which is a great news if you need to sell your house Swindon or Bristol. On the other hand the indicators published by the Land registry  show no major price raise, except for the greater London. House price dynamic is different region to region: for example in London average house price raised by nearly £20k year on year from  £357k in May 2012 to £375K in May 2013, where is in Wiltshire the average house price haven’t changed staying at £182k since May 2012.

Are houses selling quickly in Swindon?

House sales also are different by region, by area, by month. The overall feeling is that property is selling faster and it’s become easier to sell your house Swindon or Birmingham, but the picture is very different depending on the area. Houses selling faster in popular areas: I watched 3 houses next to each other sold in one week! From this experience, you should think the market is moving.  On the other hand in less popular areas houses have been on the market for a year or more and home owners come to me for help. They can’t sell via an estate agent and start looking for other options and people who will buy my house quick.

Sell your house Swindon, Bristol, Birmingham

Area is not the only reason for property to sell faster or slower. If you need to sell your house Swindon or Bristol, there are many defining factors which will influence buyers decision:  condition of the house, modern vs old look, inside plans, parking and certainly the PRICE!  If there are a few similar houses on the market in your area, then the price of the property will make the difference. Quite often home owners will drop the price just to be able to sell and move on. However you might not be able to reduce the price: if you need to sell your house in negative equity or no equity, and you can’t afford to pay the shortfall between the mortgage and the house price. Sometimes landlords would like to sell an investment house and they refuse to drop the price, as that would mean they lose a big chunk of the profit. If you need to sell your house Swindon, Bristol or Birmingham and you feel stuck, then there are companies like QuickHouseBuyers.co.uk who can help and find an efficient solution.

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