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Landlord selling rented house

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How Mark sells his investment house for a full market price and avoids more expenditure from rental income loss and house renovation.

Mark’s story:

” I decided to sell my rental property to support my retirement.  I tried the traditional way first and put my house on the market with an estate agent. The house was on the market for a year and a half without any result! During this year I dropped the price twice from originally agreed and moved from one agent to another, but still no result. I had to get rid of tenants, as they were causing problems with the viewings. so my rental income also stopped. After they left I realised that I needed to renovate the house if I wanted to get a good price on the market.  Plus during the last year house prices went further down, so I lost another £8,000. I felt really frustrated, as the house started to cause a lot of stress instead of a happy retirement…. When I had a chat with Dasha I was pleased to learn that I don’t need to do any renovation and I can get a full market price, so I was happy to go ahead!”