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Stop house repossession

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How Elly’s family was facing repossession, but managed to stop it and sell the house.

Elly’s story:

“My husband lost his job. We started to miss payments on the mortgage as it was more important to feed our 4 kids. My husband was looking for a job for more than a year without any success, so we were getting more and more deinquent on payments. We borrowed more money just to get us through the difficult period and at the same time decided to sell the house to solve our financial problems. After a few months the house was  still unsold and the  lenders were demanding the money and sending letters of defalult and penalties and finally we recieved the court order. The situation became unbearable – we were so stessed, we started to argue, which never happened before….. We were so close to an end, but luckily, our friend recommended us to talk to Dasha. We already had a repossession order on our hands, so we didn’t think we could stop repossession and sell the house, but we were happy to try anything!  And, as a result we stopped repossession, sold the house and didn’t ruin our credit history!”