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Stop repossession and sell your house quickly.

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The repossession volumes are still high despite the slight reduction year on year. South East and London are the least affected areas now, while the North and the West suffer the most with repossession rate up to 7,5% of total house sale. As a result of the Global Financial Crisis and rising price or food and utilities many people lose jobs and unable to pay mortgage and bills. After the drop in property prices, many houses are in negative equity and people are stuck on the market unable to sell. While waiting for a sale, home owners get more in debt, arrears are growing and as a result many home owners lose their houses. Is there a solution to stop repossession and sell your house quickly?

Don’t bury your head in the sand.

Home repossession is a terrible event in anyone’s live , but the worst to come after the house is repossessed. Repossessed properties are usually sold below market value, so after the house is sold, you will be responsible for the outstanding debt – the difference between the outstanding mortgage and the house price. This means that once the house is repossessed , the situation is not going to get any better, may be even worse.

When people can’t  pay the bills and the mortgage and they can’t see the way out, homeowners lose their hopes and hide the head in the sand: they stop communicating with their lender, ignoring letters from the bank and avoid thinking about their situation. And this is the worst you can do, as the problem won’t go away!  Instead of burying your head in the sand you need to stop repossession and sell your house quickly.

Stop repossession and sell your house quickly.

If you are in a similar situation – don’t give up! There are ways of dealing with your situation. First of all you should speak to the lender and explain the difficulties and they should be able to suggest a payment plan to help you out. You also can contact a debt advisor to help you to organise your debts and get a payment plan sorted. If you have been trying to sell your house to cover the debts, but the house is still unsold, then there are companies like Quick House Buyers, who can help you to stop repossession and sell your house.

Many home owners give up on the idea to sell their house when on top of debts they realise that the house is in negative equity and they don’t have money to pay the shortfall between the mortgage and the house value. There are new property systems available which will help you to overcome these barriers. We can help you to stop repossession and sell your house quickly or help you sell your house in negative equity.

“We believe there is a solution to any property problem.”

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