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Moving home, need to sell house?

– Are you moving home, but cant’ sell your current house?

– Are you planning to emigrate or relocate?

– Do you have to sell in line with your limited timelines?

Moving house is a big step. Emigration is one of the biggest and challenging decisions in our lives. Relocation could be nearly as stressful. There are so many things to take care off and so much to think about:  where to live, where to work, what school to choose, what to take with us, may be a new languge to learn? And on top of everything is a concern “how to sell my house?”  … You might have agreed on the timelines with work and school, you might have bought the tickets to your destination, hoping the house will sell… What if it doesn’t? Letting your house from abroad might become a real head ache! Probably you need the equity out of your house to buy your new home, so if you don’t sell,  you will have to rent. You just need to sell!

If you are struggling to sell the traditional way, we can work together and sell your house in line with your travelling arrangements and to achieve a fair price.

If you need help selling your home, contact me via my “Sell my House” contact form on the right and I will help you to find a solution. This service is FREE.